Commercial Audit Service Offerings

Walk-Through Energy Survey 
Low cost, this service focuses on lighting opportunities and other measures that are the most cost-effective projects with quick paybacks. It provides special focus on opportunities eligible for rebates or incentives through state utility programs. Two special utility programs allow this to be done at no-cost for Small Businesses customers of PEPCO or Delmarva Power

Call us today to see if you qualify for the Small Business programs or to schedule your Walk-Through Energy Survey! 

Energy Efficiency Assessment
This whole-building approach provides more comprehensive recommendations for energy efficiency retrofit opportunities. It may include diagnostic testing such as blower door air leakage testing. It also includes consideration for improvement of indoor air quality and comfort issues in addition to energy saving recommendations. 

Building Performance Audit
This is the most in-depth approach to energy analysis. It provides a whole-building approach along with whole-building software modeling, along with a survey and report including all existing systems and conditions in the building. This level of report is required for the Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) MEEHA program. We recommend this level of audit for customers pursuing grant or loan programs.