What is the first step towards getting an energy audit for my property?
Call EH Commercial at 301-476-8147 and speak to a representative. We will talk about your property, and determine which level of audit is best for your needs. You will then receive a proposal tailored for your building, generally within one business day.

How do I know which program(s) my property qualifies for?
EH Commercial stays up-to-date with the current programs and can guide you through the process, and can even contact the programs on your behalf to determine if you qualify. Generally, having a copy of your electric bill handy will expedite the process to determine which programs you would fall under.

How long does an audit take?
Commercial properties range widely. Because of this, and the different levels of audits we offer, there is no one answer. Generally a Walk-Through Energy Survey will last around two hours on-site for a mid-size property. A full Building Performance Audit can take up to two days on-site. 

How do I know I'll receive the estimated rebates when the project is complete?
Most of the utility rebate programs in the State of Maryland issue pre-approval letters that you will be required to sign. This document reserves the rebate funds for your project, and verifies that your project meets the guidelines for the program.