Thank you to so many of our customers for giving their feedback about our people and our services!

"Thanks so much, Brian, for the great work you all did and for getting our paperwork off to Pepco. Even though our biggest concern with our upstairs temperature was in the summer, when our second floor is unbearably hot, we can already tell a huge difference. I'm about to reprogram our thermostat for a second time since our reinsulation was done to drop the temperature up there overnight to around 55 degrees. What an amazing difference this has made for us! Thank you again for everything!"

Jim, Bethesda

"I wanted to let you know I appreciated the pleasant and professional team you sent here there this morning. I had to run out and left a bunch of stuff out of the garage that they put away for me. They locked up and cleaned up so that I wouldn't have even know they were here. Now let's get some cold and snowy weather! We're ready!" Merry Christmas,


“Your services were priceless! Thank you for making it so easy to prioritize our improvements. We got a ton of bang for our buck!”

Erin Gormley, Annapolis

“I was impressed by the “detective” work that the team used to maximize results. The finished project translated into an 86% reduction in duct leakage and a 68% heating and cooling improvement.”

Kate Hamill, Catonsville

"Thanks for letting me know. I'll keep watching the mail but didn't want to let this go too long before I forgot to follow up. And by the way, my upstairs is soooo much cooler! It is amazing the difference in temperatures since we added the insulation. Wow!"


"Thanks for all your help. Efficient Home made it a very pleasant and helpful experience. If you ever need a reference, let me know."


"We have not completed the rebate yet, but the work was done extremely well - and the process for applying for the reimbursement went well. Kennedy and the team are very good, responsive and capable - highly recommend!"

J Knubel

"Mr. Thometz and Mr. Crane, My husband and I would like to bring to your attention our highly positive impression of professionalism and level of service provided by one of your employees - Mr. Brian Kennedy. We had the energy audit done as a result of the HoCo initiative, and are highly impressed by the thoroughness and the quality of inspection he performed at our house, and the very detailed report that followed the actual inspection. We will keep your company in mind if we decide to pursue some of the suggestions that we cannot do ourselves."

Best regards,

Anita Arsovska-Heffernan

“Following our house and duct sealing, our winter heating savings is probably in the neighborhood of $250 per season. Assuming a similar savings is achieved for AC, that equals $500 per annum savings on a $2,500 investment – a pretty good ROI. The upstairs was MUCH more comfortable after the duct sealing.”

Rockville Resident

“We cut our energy bills between 1/3 and 1/2!!!!! WE ARE DELIGHTED! Many thanks.”

Gibson Island Resident

"Thanks so much for the information. Your report is both thorough and incredibly helpful, especially the parts that compare us to other homes quantitatively. We really enjoyed your visit and found it informative."


"I wanted to let you know the crew just finished up. John and the rest of the fellas were awesome. They called to let us know they hit some traffic (they still made it on time from my expectations) and from the time they arrived until they left, they were courteous and professional. I got to chat w/ John for a few minutes while he did the final airflow test and it's nice to see that you really do have a "family business" culture established. If you ever need a client referral or testimonial, let me know." Nice work gentlemen!