Case Study 3 
Efficiency Upgrades for Apartment Building

Wood Lee Arms
Arlington, VA

Projected energy savings – $1,774/year.


  • Replaced wall and rooftop fixtures with LED lights
  • Upgraded other lighting.  

Project cost: $5,161
Incentive: $1,060
Projected Payback: After deducting the rebate, final cost is projected to be paid back in 2.3 years.

Project Description:
Taking advantage of the Arlington Initiative to Rethink Energy (AIRE) program, EH Commercial helped this community save a projected 11,836 kwh/year, or $1,774 a year in cost and energy savings. 

The exact work involved included: 

  • Replacing 4 existing 250W wall packs above exterior doors with 50W LED fixtures.
  • Replacing 7 existing 400W rooftop wallpacks with 85W LED fixtures.
  • Relamping and reballasting 8 interior linear fluorescent fixtures with T8 lamps and ballasts.
  • Retrofitting 9 incandescent fixtures with screw-in CFL lamps.