Case Study 2 
LED Lighting Upgrade for Parking Garage
Metroplace at Town Center
Camp Springs, MD
Apartment complex with over 300 units in 8 buildings.

Projected energy savings – $18,259/year.


  • Replaced garage canopy fixtures with LED lights
  • Replaced exterior wall lights with LED lights
  • Upgraded exit signs with LED lights
  • Replaced parking lot pole-mounted fixtures with LED lights

Project cost: $62,237
Pepco Rebate: $45,780
Projected Payback: After deducting the rebate, the final cost of $16,457 is projected to be paid back in about 11 months.

Project Description:
This multifamily community is just a few minutes walk from the Branch Ave. Metro Station on the Green Line of the Washington DC metro. During the initial survey, EH Commercial identified excellent opportunities to save money and improve the quality of the lighting for the property’s 5-story garage. After confirming rebate amounts with Pepco, we replaced all 83 of the 175W metal halide canopy fixtures with 56W LED fixtures, and all 25 of their existing exit signs with 2W LED units. Above stairway and elevator entrances, we replaced fifteen 175W metal halide wallpacks with 26W LED units. On the garage roof, the 12 400W metal halide pole mounted fixtures were replaced with 90W LED fixtures. The project took about a week.

The new LED fixtures not only significantly reduce utility bills, they provide better, clearer lighting at night. This results in a safer, more comfortable experience for residents. Maintenance and replacement costs are be reduced. 

Project Manager Ben Butler, said that immediately upon installation, the residents went to tell him how much they liked the new lighting. “The residents have been raving about the lighting all weekend. Everyone is real happy about the work, so thank you!“