Case Study 1 
LED Lighting Upgrade for Townhomes
Great Hope Homes
Silver Spring, MD
104 town-home units in 15 buildings.

Projected energy savings - $7,272/year.


  • Replaced exterior wall lights with LED lights
  • Replaced T12 fluorescent tubes and ballasts with T8′s
  • Upgraded exit signs with LED units
  • Added occupancy sensors and motion sensor power strips for automatic lamp controls

Project Cost: $31,098
Pepco Rebate: $24,850
Projected Payback: After deducting the rebate, final cost of $6,248 is projected to be paid back in about 11 months.

Project Description:
Great Hope Homes is a 104 two-story townhouse apartment complex nestled in a beautiful wooded lot near New Hampshire Avenue in Silver Spring.

During the initial lighting survey, EH Commercial identified excellent opportunities to save money and improve the quality of the exterior and interior common space lighting for their property.

After confirming rebate amounts with Pepco, EH Commercial made these specific improvements. For the exterior lighting of the buildings, 80 wall-packs were replaced with new super high efficiency LED lights. On the residential buildings, (72) 200W fixtures were replaced with 26W LEDs, while on the community center, (8) 100W were replaced with 13W LEDs.

Inside the community center, T12 linear fluorescent tubes were replaced with T8s and occupancy sensors were installed to automatically turn off lights when the space was unoccupied. In addition, exit signs were upgraded to LED units, and motion sensor power strips were installed to control office equipment in the leasing office.

The new LED fixtures not only reduce costs, they also provide better clearer lighting at night. This results in a safer, more comfortable experience for the residents. Maintenance and replacement costs are be reduced.

Old 100W exterior lights provide a dull uninviting look
Using about 1/8 the energy, the new LED fixtures also light the stair better for safety and comfort