Efficient Home provides energy audits, improvements and remedial repairs for homeowners, multifamily owners and commercial property owners throughout the Mid-Atlantic area. The company specializes in:

  • Whole-home or building efficiency
  • Comfort, modernization and safety
  • Saving owners money on utility bills
  • Helping people live healthier and greener today.

Efficient Home was founded in 2006 by a team of experts in energy auditing, environmental inspection, energy efficiency improvements and retrofits. Homeowners face huge increases in both their gas and electric energy bills. They need professional help to make their homes more energy efficient and comfortable while lowering their monthly power bills. But they need more than an energy expert. They need a one-stop shop that can manage the entire process of making their home an Efficient Home. With our specialized training and credentials, we offer the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's ENERGY STAR Certifications for builders and new homes. Efficient Home is headquartered in Burtonsville, with branch offices in Baltimore, Southern Maryland, the Eastern Shore and Western Maryland. Efficient Home has deep experience with Pepco, BGE, SMECO, Delmarva and Potomac Edison, among other utilities.

Deep Experience
The company offers the most experience in home and commercial building performance in the region:

  • Energy audits on over 6,000 homes.
  • Energy improvements on over 4,500 homes.
  • Energy audits and surveys on hundreds of multi family, light industrial warehouse and other commercial spaces.
  • Over $25 million in energy costs saved for customers.
  • Comprehensive energy audits for hundreds of schools, churches, offices, apartment buildings and residential facilities.
  • Quick Home Energy Checkups on over 30,000 apartment units and single-family homes.
  • Energy improvements and lighting retrofits on multiple commercial and multifamily properties.

Clients Include
Includes single family QHECs, MF QHECs, Limited Income Energy Efficiency Programs, Residential Home Performance with ENERGY STAR, Small Business Lighting Retrofits, Custom Commercial Energy Efficiency programs.

MD Department of Housing and Community Development
Includes Limited Income Energy Efficiency Program, Multifamily Energy Efficiency Housing Affordability Program, BeSmart Residential Energy Efficiency Loan Program.

Montgomery County Housing Opportunities Commission
Includes MF QHECs, MF BPI Energy Audits and Improvements, Commercial Lighting Energy Efficiency Lighting Retrofit.

Baltimore County, Department of Housing
Includes Residential Limited Income Energy Efficiency Program.