Improve Energy Performance & Profits in Your Buildings
with EH Commercial

  • Energy Audit Services
  • Energy-Saving Improvements for Your Building's Performance
  • A Whole Property Approach to Tenant Comfort, Safety & Greener Buildings

Experts in Energy Ratings, Building Sciences & Environmental Inspection

Using your building's unique characteristics, EH Commercial will not only tell you what can be improved in your building, we'll also fix it for you. We guarantee that all work performed by us will be to your satisfaction.


  • Variable Frequency Drives & Variable Air Volume Systems
  • Heat recovery equipment


  • Timer controls
  • Temperature adjustment
  • After hours usage
  • Ventilation
  • Thermostat access & adjustment for seasonal changes
  • Start-up time optimization


  • CFL & HID lights
  • T-12 to T-8 and T-5 conversion
  • De-lamping consulting
  • Full floor lighting sweeps
  • Occupancy sensors

Building Envelope

  • Insulation levels/optimization
  • Windows

Operations & Maintenance

  • Equipment function
  • Thermostat calibration
  • Damper adjustment
  • Janitorial best practices

Occupant Behavior

  • Equipment use
  • Energy awareness programs
  • ENERGY STAR equipment purchase
  • Power management software
  • Daylight harvesting
  • Workstation task lighting installation
  • Thermostat relocation & optimization

    EH Commercial is proud to be a certified
    ENERGY STAR Expert Services Provider