Facts About ENERGY STAR Certified Homes:

  • RESNET Certified HERS Raters
  • HERS Index Ratings = New Industry Standard
  • 20 - 30% More Efficient than Existing Homes

Efficient Home provides both AIR INFILTRATION and DUCT LEAKAGE testing for
2012 IECC Building Codes!

Efficient Home provides all necessary testing for compliance with the 2012 IECC Building Codes as well as complete ENERGY STAR certifications for homebuilders. ENERGY STAR highlights the quality of the home, conveying superior performance to potential customers, tenants, lenders, appraisers, and investors. All ENERGY STAR certifications, HERS Index Ratings and code compliance tests are completed by RESNET certified HERS Index Raters.

The 2012 IECC Building Codes are going into effect in Maryland on July 1, 2012. Efficient Home provides all the TESTING and TRAINING you need to stay in compliance! Our services include:

  • Air Infiltration/Blower Door testing
  • Duct Leaking/Duct Blasting Testing
  • Plan Review
  • Advance Air Sealing Package to Achieve Required 3ach@50

ENERGY STAR services include:

  • Architectural Plan Review - Prior to construction, a review of plans generates a computer model to establish your home's base HERS Index Rating. These ratings are required to assure compliance with ENERGY STAR. We'll provide a list of options and alternatives allowing builders to identify the most cost-effective method of obtaining compliance, or you may use the Builder Option Package.
  • Optional Production Team Training - While not complicated, many building envelope, insulation, and systems upgrades may be unfamiliar to site managers and crews. We provide field training and orientation to review construction techniques, field inspections, and the ENERGY STAR certification process.
  • Duct and Building Envelope Inspection - Prior to close in, we provide field inspections to help assure compliance. Duct testing is performed, and the ENERGY STAR Thermal Enclosure Checklist is reviewed and completed. You can take corrective actions while it is easy and cost effective.
  • Final Inspection - Upon construction completion, a final field inspection and blower door test is conducted. Building envelope and duct leakage is tested to assure building performance is in compliance. Once test results are entered into the computer model and compliance is confirmed, ENERGY STAR certificates are produced.

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